AFT-N2500-E | Difusor de tubo de burbuja fina | Membrana EPDM 20″

SSI Aeration

  • AFT-N2500E – SSI Aeration – Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser – 20’’ inch, ¾ NPT connection
  • Aeration Applications in Ponds, Aquariums, Wastewater Treatment, Lakes, Dock Deicing
  • Perfect for Aquaculture farming including fish, mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic plants.
  • Dock De-icing – Aeration prevents water from freezing
  • Control mosquito breeding areas in ponds and lakes by circulating and agitating the surface water.


AFT-N2500E – SSI Aeration – Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser – 20’’ inch, ¾ NPT with EPDM membrane – Original – 1 Year warranty! SSI Tube Diffusers offer high oxygen transfer efficiency, low pressure loss, and are easily installed. The AFTS tube diffuser system combines engineering excellence, superior component quality, and a technically advanced product design. Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations around the world, this advanced system has reliability built into every stage of performance FINE BUBBLE TUBE DIFFUSER SSI Aeration’s Tube Diffuser and advanced membrane materials offer outstanding resistance to chemicals and fouling, in addition to the highest oxygen transfer with an acceptable headloss QUALITY MAKES SSI’S TUBE DIFFUSER THE BEST CHOICE FOR RETRIEVABLE GRIDS Industry standard size and shape, interchangeable with other systems Connector options: standard nipple pipe connection or SSI’s Snappy Saddle Mount which makes one-person installation easy Variety of lengths, diameters and membranes in 21st century materials Excellent fouling resistance thanks to PTFE-coated surface layers, EPDM, anti-static EPDM Multiple integral check valves to keep your aeration piping system clean Molded membranes with individual thermocouples in each cavity provide 100% quality control Low membrane plasticizer content to reduce shrinkage and hardening, but enough to avoid creep 212F (100C) temperature resistance and environmentally friendly high temperature ABS body Affordably priced for first use or retrofit

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